Purchasing options

Below are details on how you can purchase my work.

On the website

There is a good selection of my work for sale on the Shop page.

Click on the image you like to see details along with more images. 

If you have additional questions you would like answered to help you with your purchasing decision please use the form,  (or by emailing me directly at gavin@woodenbowl.co.nz). Don’t forget to include the bowl No:  of the piece you’re inquiring about.

 If you do not find what you are looking for, you can always let me know. As I do take commission work.

Visit my Bowl Gallery on Kawau island

The bowl gallery can be visited most days by appointment. To arrange a time that suits please call or text 021 260 7086.

I always have a good selection of my work available for purchase.

I make an effort to take quality images of my work to display on the website but It does not quite compar to picking up a piece, to feel the balance, weight and texture each piece has in your hands. There is a real benefit to seeing the work in person.

 Visiting my gallery on Kawau island is not possible for everyone but is a great outing if you have the opportunity. Be warned as I do live on an offshore island it is a little more of an adventure to get here than simply driving up to my door!

For more information on the Bowl Gallery & Turning Studio

If you are unfamiliar with Kawau Island, check out Kawau Island Attractions.

Here are some links for transport to and accommodation on the island.





Please call or email to discuss commissioned work. When it comes to filling requests, I can be limited by the wood I currently have available.

Personalised wedding present

I do take requests to engrave personal messages on the bottom of some of my work, such as the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date for a wedding present.

Gift Vouchers

A lot of people buy my work as a gift. As it reflects a strong made-in-New Zealand value as well as being a very environmentally friendly gift.

 But some struggle with picking a specific piece for somebody else, as peoples tastes can vary greatly.

So I now offer Wooden Bowl Gift Vouchers.

Pick any value you wish.

Have the voucher sent directly to the recipient or download and print, so you can present the gift voucher it in person.

“ I’ve seen a lot of wood turning up and down the country but very little compares to the quality of what you’re making.

My wife and I are very happy with the two we now proudly display in our kitchen.

Keep up the fine work “

Michael B

“ We have been collecting Gavin’s pieces for several years now.  Each piece is truly unique and stunning.

They are also our ‘go to’ wedding gift which Gavin kindly engraves to personalize for the bridal couple. “

Kirsty F

I love the way Gavin transforms imperfections in a fallen native tree into utilitarian works of art.

Ruth H

“ I wasn’t convinced with your ‘rocking bowls’ at first. 

But you were right, there is no knocking them over! “


“ I was looking for a wedding present that had a made in New Zealand flavour…  they say the bowl has pride of place in their new kitchen…

….just perfect thank you.”

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