A family heirloom in the making


What will you give your kids? 

Hopefully, your time and your love but, like photos from your childhood, there’s a place for keepsakes too. 

For each of us it will be a different thing: a lovely wooden chair or a casserole dish, but it’s something we will really cherish, for the item itself but also for the memories it holds. 

I think it’s important that we have things that really matter in our lives that we can use, enjoy and one day pass along.

To have something of your mother’s, or your grandmother’s, something she used every day: a bowl she collected mandarins in or used to serve the big salads she loved making … to have that bowl in your kitchen, to use it and place it on your table. In my world, that’s a family heirloom to be proud of.

The test of time

I make each piece so it will last…

The Hawaiian calabash is a great example. “Calabash” wooden bowls, prized by the Hawaiian people, are passed down through the generations.   Some are more than two centuries old! 

This goes to prove that a hardwood bowl, made with care and then treated with a little respect, can easily last for generations. Even better, with regular use and oiling, such a bowl can develop a rich patina that looks just amazing. Showing its age and use with pride.  

With each bowl I make, I hold this idea in my mind and it motivates me to spend the time I need to create something really special – strong enough to survive the daily rigours and worthy of containing the memories it may one day hold.

How to make wooden bowls last

If you wish your bowl to last forever and look fantastic at the same time, you only need to follow these simple rules:

What NOT to do with a wooden bowl

  • Please do not soak in water.

  • Don’t leave it in the sun for long periods of time.

  • Putting your wooden bowl in the dishwasher is also NOT a good idea.

  • Nor would I recommend using your wooden bowl in a microwave.

  • Lastly don’t allow fruit to decay in the bowl.

The best way to look after your wooden bowl

Keep the bowl well oiled!
They will love you for it. They’ll also be a lot easier to clean: when kept well-oiled a wooden bowl has a wonderful non-stick surface.

  • If the bowl is only a little oily after a salad, just wipe it clean with a kitchen cloth. Or give it just a quick rinse first.
  • When used for serving wetter or messier food, washing your bowl in the sink is perfectly fine. Just remember to rinse any soapy water off and then leave to air dry.
  • Oil it, any time the bowl is looking dry or uninspiring.
  • It’s really good for your wooden bowls to be used, washed and oiled on a regular basis.


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A family heirloom in the making

What will you give your kids? Hopefully, your time and your love but, like photos from your childhood, there's a place for keepsakes too. For each of us it will be a different thing: a lovely wooden chair or a casserole dish, but it’s something we will really cherish,...

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