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Wooden Bowls

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Wooden Bowls

I have the honour of being able to work with some of our New Zealand’s rare native Timbers, turning what were storm-damaged trees into functional art work…the Wooden Bowl.

“ I was looking for a wedding present that had a made in New Zealand flavour…  they say the bowl has pride of place in their new kitchen…

….just perfect thank you.”

“ I wasn’t convinced with your ‘rocking bowls’ at first. 

But you were right, there is no knocking them over! “


“ I’ve seen a lot of wood turning up and down the country but very little compares to the quality of what you’re making.

My wife and I are very happy with the two we now proudly display in our kitchen.

Keep up the fine work “

Michael B

“ We have been collecting Gavin’s pieces for several years now.  Each piece is truly unique and stunning.

They are also our ‘go to’ wedding gift which Gavin kindly engraves to personalize for the bridal couple. “

Kirsty F

I love the way Gavin transforms imperfections in a fallen native tree into utilitarian works of art.

Ruth H

“I strive to keep as much of the original tree’s natural features in my finished work, so people can not only appreciate the wooden bowl but also the mana and beauty of the tree it came from.”

Have a look at my latest work

Starting with a big block of raw wood that I’ve found on the forest floor, I haul it home to my workshop.  Peeling off the outer layers to see what’s hiding inside, (it might be a cliché to say but) it feels like uncovering buried treasure!

I use a combination of chainsaws and my big bandsaw to get the rough block of wood ready to be mounted on my wood lathe.  Taking off the rough edges on the lathe… Read more

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Let them pick the one they want

To give someone a wooden bowl, that will be enjoyed and used for years to come, made with my own hands, from a beautiful hardwood which is also an abundant renewable resource, gives me great satisfaction in the knowledge that I am doing something right for this world of ours.

Gavin Brunton

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